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The TV anime “Attack on Titan” The Final Season Final Chapter (Part 1) theme song SiM “UNDER THE TREE” has surpassed 10 million streams in just 10 days of its release! It’s sweeping the music charts around the world!

Broadcast on NHK on March 3rd(Fri) followed by releases on each distribution site, the TV anime “Attack on Titan” Final Season Final Chapter (Part 1) theme song, “UNDER THE TREE,” has exceeded 10 million streams worldwide in just 10 days from its release on March4th (Sat).


The song debuted at No.10 on the US Billboard Hot Hard Rock Songs chart on March 18th,hit the top 10 in the iTunes Store Rock genre rankings in 18 countries and entered the Apple Music Rock genre rankings.

The theme song has catapulted into the top 10 in 10 countries, ranked on the ShazamTOP200 in 32 countries. Listeners all over the world have gone wild.


On March 9th (Thu), it also achieved first place in QQ MUSIC and KUGO MUSIC’s J-POP ranking, China’s largest music distribution service. This ranking is updated every Thursday so it’s a tremendous success to gain first place within 5 days after its release date of March 4th (Sat).  


Furthermore, the anime special video which was released immediately after the anime broadcast has already exceeded 6million views on YouTube, with the number continuing to grow.    


“The Rumbling,” – the opening song of “Attack on Titan” Final Season Part 2, has surpassed 200 million views worldwide, and its official related videos, including music videos, have exceeded 100 million views.  Special focus should go to “UNDERTHE TREE,” which is spreading like wildfire and showing potential for another big worldwide hit.  


▼Music Information

TV Anime “Attack on Titan” The Final Season Final Chapter (Part 1) Theme Song


Artist: SiM

Lyrics: MAH

Composition &Arrangement: SiM



“UNDER THE TREE” now available on music download/streaming sites


■ Anime Feature Video



iTunes Rock Chart by Country: top 10 in 18 countries!

No.1:Thailand / United Arab Emirates / Philippines / Ireland / Singapore / Finland /Czech Republic

No.2:Japan / Mexico

No.4:Hong Kong / Malaysia

No.5:Turkey / Taiwan / Australia






Apple Music Rock Chart by Country: top 10 in 14 countries!

No.1:Saint Lucia


No.3:Ivory Coast / Saint Vincent and the Grenadines / Myanmar

No.4:Bahrain / Sénégal



No.8:Saudi Arabia / Egypt / Macau

No.9:Hong Kong



iTunes Chart by Country

Japan: No.7

United Arab Emirates: No.9


ShazamTOP200(32 countries)

Argentina/ Belarus / Brazil / Canada / Chile / China / Columbia / Costa Rica / Egypt /Finland / Germany / Hungary / India / Indonesia / Japan / Kazakhstan / Korea /Malaysia / Mexico / Morocco / Peru / Romania / Russia / Saudi Arabia /Singapore / Taiwan / Thailand / Ukraine / USA / Venezuela


BAND NAME:SiM (Silence iz Mine)
MEMBER:SIN (Ba) / GODRi (Dr) / MAH (Vo) / SHOW-HATE (Gt)
FORMED:Shonan, Kanagawa, Japan on 11/03/2004


A4-piece reggae punk band from Shonan, Japan that combines the ultimate contradiction of “monstrous roaring, enigmatic and yet catchy” sounds.  The contrasting styles of hardcore punk, new metal, reggae and ska are effortlessly mixed with a unique touch of pop. The lyrics are aggressive and rebellious featuring clever play on words and curious lines that hook the listener.

MAH’s exceptional charisma and distinctive appearance has earned him the title, “the devil” by his fans and other artists. He has a formidable centripetal force that instantly captures his audiences’ hearts and wields diplomacy. His technique is unrivalled. Their explosive live performance that combines SHOW-HATE’s energetic act, swinging his instruments and racing around on stage, SIN’s exceptional string ensemble, GODRi’s drum play that ties the music with his strong, tight grooves and chorus, is already a total masterpiece.    

MAH who himself has had sell-out large solo performances at the Nippon Budokan and Yokohama Arena as well as organized the outdoor festival “DEAD POP FESTiVAL” for 20,000 people says “we’re a band that was born in a live house, grew up in a live house, we’ll die in a live house”.


Without a doubt, SiM has risen to the top of the rock scene by “breaking convention from the inside” both in name and action, headlining at large outdoor rock festivals across the country.    


Now fully established as successful live performers overcoming many tribulations including band member changes, serious illnesses, being dropped by their own label, there are no more blind spots.


▼Album Information

「(TBD)」  Scheduled for release: Summer 2023


■Artist HP


For further information, please contact:


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